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Maverick Coffee Roasters

South Coast Speciality Coffee Roastery


Increase in online store conversion rate


Increase in website sales


Increase in online store session





Maverick Coffee Roasters are a special coffee roastery founded in Ulladulla, NSW in 2015. The roastery started out as a café where they would start experimenting with roasting coffee and sharing it with the regulars. It started to grow to become something more and as a result, the owners felt it was time to expand and share their creations with the rest of Australia.


Gareth Pike has been working with coffee for over 30 years, mostly behind the scenes helping to source the tastiest and most ethical beans and then roasters them in Sydney and the South Coast. The realm of social media and ecommerce was a foreign concept and Gareth understood that it was necessary to have someone else take over the reigns.

Gareth was then recommended our agency by one of our other clients, GSE Hospitality Brokers. A meeting was conducted to discuss the goals and objectives of the company and then work together to put a strong focus on increasing online sales and expanding the brand.


RJE met with Gareth and spoke about the different goals and objectives of the company. We looked at areas of improvement and worked out exactly what the brand wishes to evoke.

A strong social presence is just what the brand needed to increase sales, which was the determined objective. This was to be done through organic social posts, with the occasional paid social campaign.

We collaborated further and decided to send regular edms and put a strong focus on converting clients on the website. While referrals were high, data suggested we could do more to convert them to sales. User testing and incentives were then thought of and implemented throughout the website and socials’.


Maverick has seen a +276% increase in online sales since we increased marketing. While the website has always been present, it was never marketed and so sales were slow. Store sessions were up by 157% and the overall conversion rate was up by 43%.

Additional suggestions have been put forward and are now in the process of being implemented over the coming months. Data will be analysed and compared to look for further opportunities to improve.

Gareth Pike


Gareth Pike

Maverick coffee roasters

“I’ve been very pleased to work with RJE. I was recommended to them by a friend and have been really happy with my experience so far. We have been using data to look at ways to continually improve conversions and it has recently seen a large uptick in sales.”

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