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Reach your target market with the right message, in the right channels, at the right time.

Our teams take a holistic approach to marketing that facilitates insightful marketing plans, meaningful audience interactions and ready-to-buy customers.

Through meticulous planning and creative flair, our team of specialists works collaboratively to create meaningful and inspiring campaigns that drive customer action. From strategic planning and social media management to brand creation and creative execution, we thrive on any opportunity to help you build your brand – whether that be a project-based solution or complete outsourced marketing partnership.

Social Media Marketing.

While Social Media Marketing isn’t new, a lot of businesses find it hard to strike the right balance and keep up with the current trends and norms. Don’t give up! RJE is here to offer our expertise in building your brand’s presence on social media. 

We believe in close collaboration with our clients on what they need in this space. Afterall, you know your customers, but we know how to get them engaged. RJE will find the right mix to hit your social media goals for your business whether it’s through competitions, improved ad work, influencer outreach or organic posts. 

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Search Engine Optimisation.

With everchanging algorithms and best practices, SEO can be tricky to navigate and many businesses find themselves missing out or struggling to draw in the right traffic. Sound familiar? RJE are experts in optimizing website visibility and performance in search engines. 

Through a combination of local, technical, on and off page SEO, and content marketing we’ll create a plan to help you overhaul how your website is currently working to get you infront of the right eyes! 

Want to see how you’re stacking up? Click here to learn more about our free website audit.

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Search Engine Marketing.

To really succeed and stay competitive in any market these days it’s crucial to have a Search Engine Marketing plan in place for your business. RJE will create a highly customizable SEM strategy bringing your business enhanced visibility, and immediate results by driving brand recognition, website traffic, generating leads, and boosting revenue.  

With our collaborative style, we’ll find an approach for you that offers great budget flexibility and highly measurable ROI allowing you to see exactly how the strategy is performing and continuing to adapt to the market along the way.

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Marketing Strategy.

Need some guidance on marketing strategy? We’ve got you. 

RJE is able to provide a custom, end-to-end marketing strategy to fit exactly what you need. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business and goals, then you can leave the details up to us! 

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You know what they say, it’s all in the timing. Timing is something that many businesses struggle with – not just the “when” of implementing direct marketing plans and campaigns, but finding the time to get it done! Let RJE give you the gift of time with our unique approach to managing direct marketing through CRMs. 

At RJE we’re big on making your life easier by diving into your existing processes and databases to really understand them. We can help you to create and implement the right technology to save you time with custom workflows and automations.

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The way we do things.

We know what it takes to create something remarkable. Combining strategic thinking with impactful execution, we’ll elevate your brand and help you access the untapped potential you never knew existed. The following four steps are at the core of how we work:


The discovery phase is a pivotal starting point when partnering with a digital marketing agency. It’s a structured process designed to deeply understand your business, industry, goals, and target audience. During this phase, we collaborate closely with you to gather essential insights and set the foundation for a successful marketing strategy


This is the critical stage where the insights gained during the discovery phase are transformed into a comprehensive and actionable plan. This phase is marked by strategic thinking, goal alignment, and the development of a roadmap tailored to achieve your business objectives.

y the end of the strategy phase, you have a detailed, tailored plan that serves as a roadmap for your digital marketing journey. This plan not only addresses your immediate goals but is also flexible enough to adapt to evolving market dynamics. The strategy phase is the foundation for the successful execution and optimisation of your digital marketing initiatives.


Here is where we bring all of those concepts and strategies to life. This stage involves executing the carefully crafted plan developed during the strategy phase, bespoke for your business.
It involves a coordinated effort to execute strategies across multiple channels. It’s a hands-on period where the agency actively works to achieve the goals outlined in the strategy phase. Regular communication and flexibility are key during this phase to adapt to evolving trends and ensure the success of your digital marketing initiatives.

Report, monitor, improve

Marketing strategies are ever-evolving and should be based on results. There’s always room for improvement and that’s why we spend a significant amount of time in this phase. We analyse what’s working and what’s not, and look at ways to measure improvements and increase conversions.
We’re here to work with you. We can report as little or as much as you’d like. Most clients like a monthly meeting to discuss campaign success, whereas others are on a weekly basis and others quarterly. No matter who you like to work, we can find a communication style that suits. We are even happy to manage tasks on a shared board too, we will adapt to you to create a seamless process.

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Why our customers

think we are best.

Sonnya Davis

Hill Top Village Store

“Our project manager Rachael has been so helpful to drive traffic to our business in regional NSW. She listens to our needs and helps drive people into the store which has lead to increased business, especially over the Christmas period.”

Paul Leach

GSE Hospitality Brokers

“The service from RJE has been impeccable. They run all our Digital Marketing – SEO, SEM, built our website and CRM. They’re always available and have new ideas. We have full trust in their abilities.”

Julian Mero


“RJE has been able to work closely with us to help create our vision for our business. We’ve really appreciated the suggestions put forward and they’ve helped us to grow our business”
Gareth Pike

Gareth Pike

Maverick Coffee Roasters

“RJE Marketing was recommended by a friend who has been using the agency for all their marketing. I took the chance or RJE for the launch of our new coffee brand as ecommerce was new to me. Our project manager has been great with communication and has made many suggestions which have helped to increase sales. The transparency of the company has been wonderful and we’re excited to continue working together.”

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